The Nu Wardrobe is an online clothes-sharing  platform with the aim of providing users a constantly changing wardrobe that's convenient and inexpensive. As a community, we extend the life-cycle of our clothes and significantly reduce waste. 

Why should you share clothes?

Every time you borrow instead of buying a new item of clothing you save, on average, 7,100 litres of water and 11lbs of CO2 that would have been used in the production of a new item. There is already enough clothes in the world, we don't need to produce nearly as much as we are. There is £30 billion worth of clothes sitting unused in wardrobes across the UK. 

We've made sharing easy!

On the Nu Wardrobe all you need to do is upload and tag your beautiful clothes to the platform. You then can browse everyone's wardrobe and find something to borrow yourself. You arrange to collect your chosen item and then it's yours until you've agreed to return it. It's easy and fun!


Have any more questions? Check out our FAQ's page to get those questions answered.