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The Nu Wardrobe

Our mission is to enjoy fashion while reducing waste.

We can do this by sharing clothes instead of buying.


Look good. Save Money. Reduce Waste.


Our Nu Community

We are creating a community and online clothes-sharing platform so that women can borrow clothes from each other instead of having to buy a brand new outfit every time we want something different to wear.

By sharing we get more use out of the clothes we already have and love, reducing garment waste and our fashion carbon footprint. As a bonus, we can all borrow amazing outfits and save money too!

We're looking for sharers who believe in our mission and can help us to grow our community and start a clothes-sharing movement. 

Our Beliefs



We believe that as a community we have the power to make a significant positive change that will affect the future of our planet.



We believe in looking good without the social and environmental costs.



We believe that each time you wear something different, it shouldn’t mean that you need to buy something brand new.


How The Nu Wardrobe Works


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