Hey Guys!!!

You have been invited to join the

"Wexford Gals" group by your friend Jane Purcell!


What’s The Nu Wardrobe?

Nu makes sharing clothes with your mates simple!

On The Nu Wardrobe you and your friends can share closets.

And as part of our trial you can do this for free!

Upload your wardrobe and request to borrow pieces!

Collect, wear, take care, return.


Stay on trend, save money, and reduce waste.

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As this is a trial we will be adding all group members to an external whatsapp group so that you can keep in touch with our team and ask any questions. Our team will also help you guys get set up and ask for your feedback.

Next Steps!!!

Step 1

We’ll set up your group on the platform and you can begin uploading and sharing your wardrobes.


Step 2

We’ll start a whatsapp group so we can keep in touch with you guys and give you tips on sharing.  


Let's Get Sharing!