Clothes won’t change the world. The women who wear them will.
— Anne Klein

What is the Nu.?

Nu. is fashion startup set up by Trinity grads. We're developing an exciting online wardrobe where you can share clothes with your friends and other Nu members.

Say goodbye to having to buy something new every time you want something different to wear! When you borrow, it's new to you, so you can look fab, save money, and be sustainable. It's a win-win!  
We've set up a Nu wardrobe especially for any Trinity Ball to help get you sorted with the perfect outfit.


How does the wardrobe work?

Browse the wardrobe, choose an item that you like, and request to book it out for a certain date! It is not compulsory to lend an item in order to borrow one. We know that this is a new concept to most people so it's totally cool if you want to borrow your piece and then later you might decide to contribute your own piece. 

If you would like to contribute your own outfit and help to grow the Nu wardrobe you simply pop a pic of your piece on the upload form and voilà, you've given another student the opportunity to nab themselves a great outfit for the ball!! Wooohooo!

The more students on the platform, the bigger and better the wardrobe will be! You can add as many items as you like and borrow as many as you like.

Outfits are for sharing only - so they will be given back to the lender after the event.


What if no one borrows my outfit?

The wardrobe is like a library so you do not have to lend an item in order to borrow one! It's fantastic if you share an outfit - but don't worry if no one borrows it or if you haven't put one up! You can borrow no matter what :) 


Do you have to share and borrow with the same person?

No, you can borrow from any student and any student can borrow from you. It is not an exchange.

How do you share clothes?

For Trinity Ball on April 7th:

Dropoffs for those sharing dresses will take place on March 30th and 31st. 

Collections for those borrowing dresses will take place on Monday April 3rd. You can join the event here.

For all other Trinity related balls and events:

Once a request has been made to borrow an outfit we will confirm this with the lender and begin a dialogue between the lender and borrower using your TCD email. Both can agree on a convenient time and place to meet and share the outfit. We would suggest that the lender decide on the location and the borrower travel there.


What if the item I borrow or lend is damaged or not returned?

Every lender will be equipped with a pre-written contract that will state the value of the clothing and what payment is expected should the item be damaged. This contract is to be signed by the borrower and both parties must be happy with what is to be paid should something happen, before the share takes place. On the rare occasion that accidents do happen we would like our lenders and borrowers to be as prepared as possible and to make sure that everyone has a great experience!

If the item is very expensive we'd advise lenders to ask for a deposit before the outfit is lent out. This will then be returned to the borrower once the item is returned in it’s original condition.


How do I begin?

Browse the wardrobe here and request to borrow any outfit on the platform.

If you would like to share a piece, simply upload an outfit using this form: TB Item Upload Form


What kind of photos do I upload?

Do you have a photo of you wearing the outfit at a previous event? Perfect!

Can take a snap of our item using your phone? Perfect!

Can you take a pic of your piece hanging on your door? Perfect!

Your image doesn’t need to be professional - just try as much as possible to take a photo in natural light so colour does not become warped. People wearing clothes are great as this will mean potential borrows will know how the piece looks on.

Have some fun with it? Get the girls together on a sunny day and photograph some of your fab pieces!

You can check out some photo guidelines here.


If I am lending a piece, why you need a picture and bio from me?

As we are building a sharing community it is great for people to know who they will be borrowing from and who they will be lending to.  We put a short bio and picture of the lender beside the piece that they are lending out. You can check out an example here.