The Nu Wardrobe consent form

For users who are signing up at the age of 15

Please read the information below carefully before giving your consent.


Your data

Note: Personal data is any information that identifies you (for example; your name / age / email address).

(i) The information I give to The Nu Wardrobe is used to contact me with information related to The Nu Wardrobe service.

(ii) In the event that our group chat stops working, your email address and phone number may be shared with another Nu member if you a sharing clothes with them. This is so that a borrow can be arranged.

(iii) You can ask for access to your data by emailing [email protected]. We must give this to you within 30 days.

(iv) I can ask for my account and data to be deleted at any time by contacting [email protected].


Online safety

(i) I understand that the images and information that I upload to my public profile is available anyone on the world wide web and I will consider what I upload with this in mind.

(ii) I acknowledge that I must respect all other Nu members and I agree not to take-part in any sort of online bullying.

(iii) If I feel unsafe or intimidated on The Nu Wardrobe platform I will alert The Nu Wardrobe team immediately at [email protected]

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Date of birth
Date of birth
Please confirm that you have read and understand the above information.