The Nu Wardrobe

Look Good. Save Money. Reduce Waste.

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The Nu Wardrobe is an online clothes-sharing platform with the aim to provide users with a constantly changing wardrobe that’s convenient and inexpensive. 
As a community, we extend the lifecycle of our clothes and significantly reduce waste.

How does The Nu Wardrobe work? 

1. Browse The Nu Wardrobe and check out all the latest looks that you can borrow from other Nu members in your college or area. You can search by campus, date, size, colour, and style. 

2. Sign up to The Nu Wardrobe and create your profile.

3. Upload your wardrobe following the Nu image guidelines and sample photos

4. Choose items that you like and request to book them out for a certain date. (There are no permanent swaps. Items are borrowed for a limited amount of time then returned).

5. If the lender accepts your request a collection is arranged.

6. Enjoy your fab new outfit!

7. Return the item to the wonderful lender in perfect condition. 


Want to know more? Eg. What happens if a piece is damaged? What kind of photos should I put up? Check out our FAQs

Why was The Nu Wardrobe set up?


We have always wanted to move the behaviour of clothes sharing online. We found that so many people like us have wardrobes for to the brim of items that they love but rarely wear.

Many people share with their friends already, but sometimes this can take a lot of time rooting through wardrobes and trying to find the right sizes.

With Nu you become part of a network of peers who you can borrow clothes from like a friend. 

This will make it simple and easy for everyone to access fashion no matter what their budget and to do this in a sustainable way. 

The Nu Wardrobe will empower people to make sustainable fashion choices in their daily lives without compromising on style.

Not only will we save money but for each item borrowed we save on average 7,100 litres of water and 11lbs of C02 that would have been used in the production of a new garment. Who knew saving the planet could be so fashionable! 

We ran our first trial of the online sharing wardrobe in Trinity College Dublin in March/April 2017. In the lead up to the annual Trinity Ball we asked students to send us in photos of their ball dresses, put them on one platform, and other students requested to borrow the pieces. It was a huge success! In 3 weeks there were 320 sign ups, 60 pieces borrowed and 59 pieces uploaded by students. We've now spent the Summer working on an improved platform and will begin testing this in 9 colleges from September 2017.

We are now in the process of further developing the platform to expand to several more colleges in September 2017. After more trialling has been done we'll be releasing the platform to the general public. 


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The Nu Wardrobe is launching in colleges across Ireland this September! Click the image above to be taken another wonderful page of the internet where you can get involved!