BEHNO Taureau Shirt

BEHNO Taureau Shirt


Behno mixes smart tailoring with innovative fabric combinations to create a streamlined look. The body of the ‘Taureau’ shirt is made from wool and the sleeves are made from 100% cotton shirting.

  • 100% cotton shirting, Wool
  • Dry Clean
  • Made in India
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In 2012, Shivam Punjya, behno’s founder, went to India to complete his research on women’s health. While he was in India, he came across some of India’s most breathtaking hand-made textiles, and visited rural villages to learn more about the textile industry and the communities that produce them. As Shivam started to better understand women’s role in India’s garmenting and textiles industries, he learned that in many regions, up to 90% of India’s garment factories are powered by women. In other places, women are earning less than $1 per day to produce beautiful hand-spun, hand-woven textiles. He was astonished.