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Nu Wardrobe Group

Let's get started!

Please read the three steps required to take part in our trial before signing up.

Step 1

Get 3+ friends to sign up to your group.

Step 2

Upload pieces to share on the Nu platform.

Step 3

Give us feedback as you use the Nu platform. 

We need a few details from you to get this group started

Please confirm that you are 15 or older *
As this is a trial we will be adding all group members to an external whatsapp group (or another type of chat if you don't use whatsapp) so that you can keep in touch with our team and ask any questions. Our team will also help you guys get set up and ask for your feedback.
If your members are in different areas, you can include all locations. (Let us know the country and town / neighbourhood)
This is the name that you and your friends will be known as, so have fun with this!!!
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We Can't Wait to Get Sharing!