Lender Terms and Conditions - The Nu. Wardrobe

  1. Nu. is a service for facilitating borrowing and lending between sharers, Nu. is therefore not responsible for any loss or damage done to any item.  Nu. is not a party to the contract of agreement.
  2. I confirm that the image provided and description is a true reflection of the condition of the item(s) I am sharing.
  3. I have provided information on the compensation I expect to be paid by the lender should the item be damaged or not returned by the lender.
  4. I confirm that In the event of damage/ loss of an item, it is my duty to ensure the collection of this sum from the specific borrower. Nu. is not responsible for any non-compliance of the borrower in relation to the collection of this sum. Nu. is not liable for the sum of the value of the item.
  5. I consent for my email address to be shared with the borrower of my item so that both borrower and lender can maintain contact when necessary. 

I acknowledge that this service is being provided on a trial basis as part of Nu.’s alpha trial, as my participation in this service is free I accept the terms and conditions outlined in this contract.