Swap Shops

                 We began running monthly swap shops in the centre of Dublin to see if people would share clothes.                        And they did! The swap shops and fashion events have been a great success 


We've been running pop-up swap shops for over 2 years to allow people to change up their wardrobe without having to buy new clothes or break the bank. Swap shops are a fun and easy way to access fashion without harming the planet. If you would like to set up a Nu swap shop in your area or college please get in touch. Nu can also run swap shops in corporate settings, universities, and schools.



Here you will find a handy little collection with tips on the best swap shop etiquette and "How to". Including the latest events run by Nu and fabulous think pieces by guests.

The nu wardrobe

We are currently launching an online version of our swap shop to allow community memebers to constantly engange in positive methods of clothes sharing, while reducing waste and saving on cash!