Photo Tips

Use these simple tips so your photos can look great on the Nu. Wardrobe. 

Do - Natural Light Setting

Find a space with indirect sunlight -  beside/near a window. Try to avoid using artificial light as this will warp the true colours of the item, create shadows or glares and 'hot spots' of light, all of which aren't the best way to show off your item.

Do - use clean spaces

Neatly place your item in indirect light near the window and shoot. Always shoot on a clean background and never shoot on dirty floors, dirty rugs, old bedspreads, etc. If all else fails, you can always throw down a clean sheet. If you are hanging clothes - wooden or white hangers tend to look best



Don't have windows?

Go outside and shoot in front of an interesting wall or background! Get some friends to model and unleash the high fashion photographer in you.

17121395_1847602815265627_972830991_o.779 (1).jpg

Do - Have a pic of you wearing the outfit

If you have any pictures of you in the outfit they are great to put up so people can see how the outfit will look on!