Host your own Nuoirée and get the world sharing!

Nuoirée (1).png

What's a Nuoirée?

..... We figured throwing a Nu-arty didn't have quite the same ring to it. 

Gather your pals and get them all to bring along 5 of their favourite outfits / pieces.

*Enjoy some prosecco
*Have the lols
*Take and upload some pics.
(Of the clothes..... but it would be great too see some pics of behind the scenes too )
*Chat Nu and fashion! 

... Because putting up pics and saving the world should always be FUUUNNNN! 

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 16.27.04.png


First things first - you get a €30-€40 prosecco / snacks budget.

(We'll need receipts after though...... can't be having €40s going on Coppers - I was young once too you know! ) 

Host the party and encourage your friends to bring along pieces that would suit ball season, fancy events or weddings. (These are the kinds of events that most people buy pieces that they only end up wearing once or twice). 

To run your own Nuoirée email Aisling -