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The Nu Wardrobe

Clothes sharing, made simple.

Good for your pocket. Good for the planet.

The Nu Wardrobe

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On The Nu Wardrobe, you can share your most loved pieces and borrow beautiful pieces from other Nu members.


About NU

A bit about us, what we do and what we believe in.


NU blog

From the best swap shop etiquette to our latest events!

Nu is a sustainable fashion community.
We believe you can look good and feel good with a positive impact.

Creating the future we believe in.


We have reached a point where it is imperative for people to join together to create a sustainable future. The Nu community creates a positive impact every day through clothes sharing. As we borrow and swap clothes rather than buy we extend the lifecycle of our pieces and significantly reduce waste. Our values are spoken loudly from every member of the Nu Community, from the frequents swappers to the panel-discussion listeners, from the online sharers to the bloggers and readers. The more we grow the louder we become.