Building The Nu App

The Nu Wardrobe Beta App

We launched the Nu app as a beta trial. A beta is the first iteration of a product. ‘Beta’ members are people who are the first to test a technology and help improve platform features and identify bugs.

The app had (and still has) basic functionality - eg. members can upload, request to borrow and organise to meet up and collect. We built the app in a lean way as we wanted you, our members to dictate what we should build next and to always ensure we are building a product you want to use, rather than a platform we think you will use.

Since the launch we’ve had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with many of our founding members. Not only did we have a great time connecting with like-minded women (always a bonus!) but you’re feedback has been invaluable.

We are committed to our members building the Nu platform with us and we want to ensure you are as involved as possible in our journey.