The Nu Wardrobe

We Share Clothes

It’s like sharing with friends.

But the whole city is your friend.


Hi. We’re Nu. 

A collective of women, bonded over our desire to celebrate and enjoy fashion without harming the planet. 

We know we’re stronger and louder together, and that our current wardrobes have all the clothes we need to create a new fashion system, so we’ve started a movement and we want YOU to join.

How Nu Works.

We share our much-loved but underused-clothes with people in our community.

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Become a London beta member. 

Beta members are true early adopters - the first to try new technology and the ones who build movements. 

An £8 monthly subscription - then you borrow unlimited for free! 🙌🏾💃

There’s a clock on climate change. Don’t wait.

Join our waitlist today.

Meet your fellow sharers.



Influencer and Activist

Sharing DvF



Nu Community Director

Sharing Self-Portrait



Nu Creative Director & New Mum

Sharing Marques Almeida



Chef and #Girlboss

Sharing Whistles


It’s a wonderful life!

As owners of fashion (made from our finite resources) we have a responsibility to give our pieces a full life. Sometimes we cannot do this individually but with Nu we can do this collectively.


When you let your piece go, it will always come back with a Nu story.

We’re all about..

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