Your Role

Join the Nu team as lead developer to build the back-end of The Nu Wardrobe beta platform. This will be a web application which will be launched in several Irish colleges in September 2017. 

The role will involve building an online platform where students can share and swap their clothes among their peers. We are looking for a back-end developer and already have a front end developer in place. 

For anyone interested in this role we will take you through the app spec and discuss what is realistic to build in the time frame that we have, with the skill that you offer, and with the resources at our disposal. 

The Ideal Candidate

Has a background in web application development. 

Ideally we would love if you also have an interest in fashion, environmental issues, or the sharing economy, but this is not compulsory. 

We would like the candidate to be based in Dublin and available to work for the Summer months (or depending on the project length), however, we will also consider remote working if you are outside the Dublin area. This would involve Skype meetings.  

We would recommend any of the following languages / frameworks for building this application.

Back-End Programming Language: PHP, Ruby, Python, NodeJS

Back-End Framework: Laravel, Ruby on Rails, Django Express


Send us a copy of your CV and a short 100 word bio about who you are, why you want to be part of the Nu. team and any creative ideas you can bring to the role! 

As we are a start-up and currently applying for funding the initial pay would be minimal, however, we hope that you would become a part of the Nu team and grow as we grow with the intention of staying on once we are funded. 

Email: [email protected]

Photo Credit: Rachel Loughrey

Photo Credit: Rachel Loughrey