We want your garment to look it’s best on The Nu Wardrobe so that it can work hard for you. To maintain the great look and feel of Nu, users are required to meet our style standards.

Video by Ana Flynn. 

Portrait images.

As The Nu Wardrobe is in the beta trial stage we do not have the ability to crop photos when they are being uploaded to the platform. Keeping our images portrait makes uploading your images to the platforms easier (and when sharing your wardrobe on Instagram, for example, these can be then easily cropped) and maintains a uniform aesthetic notable on fashion retail platforms.

Portrait is the general default setting on camera but if you need to adjust or crop an image we encourage you to do this using a photo editing app. 

Photograph the piece on you.

Snap a pic of you wearing the piece as others will be able to see how the garment looks on the body. Find an interesting background where you and your piece can shine - even better, get a quick snap of your piece when you are wearing it to an event, or a night out! Seeing the piece in context is always a winner. 

White / Classic background.


White wall or background, marble tabletop, wooden table, grass, wooden floor.
**ultimate tip** take a painting off it's hook and hang your garment on a hanger to photograph. No white wall? Lay out your garment on a white duvet or bed-sheet…no dodgy colours or patterns, please!


Heavily patterned or dark carpets, dirty or unattractive floors, wardrobe doors, branded or themed bed sheets, other items in the frame, floordrobes / chairdrobes… For a little bit of guidance, check out your favourite bloggers on Insta or Pinterest to see what looks good.


Warm light changes the colour of your garment completely and makes it indiscernible in a photograph. Take a photo during the day, by a window or outdoors.

High quality.

Clear, unfiltered, unedited and sharp images of your clothes are best for the app. Usually a smartphone camera will do, but you are still rocking a Nokia flip phone or similar we would ask that you use a digital camera to photograph your garments.

Wooden hangers.

Avoid wire or branded plastic hangers where possible!

Tidy background.

No one wants to see your floordrobe… Even if it’s a bedroom staple.
When taking a fashion selfie, find a nice white or simple background and no mess.
This may require moving your mirror around or putting your phone on timer.

If your image doesn’t meet our guidelines yet, not to worry! We will let you what needs to be fixed in a helpful and speedy email. Happy snapping!