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Aisling and Ali went to India while they were in university and saw first hand the reality of the fast fashion industry. When they came back to Dublin, they had a hard time finding alternatives to fast fashion that were affordable for them. They felt isolated in their efforts to make more conscious fashion choices and decided they needed to make a change. 

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While finishing their time in university, they began to run swap shop events. This was slow to begin with but gradually more and more people came along and volunteered, building up the Nu community. As the team expanded, Aisling and Ali learnt a lot about how to get people involved in the movement. 



People wanted to be able to swap clothes more than once a month and so the idea of an online platform was born. A very simple process was created for women to use to swap their clothes for the Trinity Ball. (Could say how many people participated)



After the success of the Trinity Ball trial, the Nu Wardrobe platform was developed and set live in September 2017. People could now upload and share their clothes online with the Nu Community! 



The Nu community expanded to London when the Nu Team moved over to participate in the Bethnal Green Ventures accelerator. (I don't know if you want to include this)