We hear you have some questions…


“So, how exactly does this work?”

Well, it’s simpler than you may think.

How does it work? Do I pay each time I want to borrow something, and do I get paid for lending items?

No. In order to make the platform as accessible and inexpensive as possible for everyone, we charge a flat Nu membership fee (monthly or annually, whatever works best for you). This means you pay just ONCE and can borrow as many items as you like, rather than paying per piece. What's not to love?!

As a founding member we're offering a reduced membership fee of £35 for 6 months. That's just £5.80 per month and gives you access to a revolving wardrobe of amazing statement pieces from the Nu community.

The way we make this possible is by asking every member to share at least 3 of their much-loved-but-underused pieces with the Nu Wardrobe. Instead of getting paid for the pieces you share, you get to expand your wardrobe and your circle of Nu friends. AND as a bonus, you can feel great about doing your part for the planet.

By building up a fair, sharing community all of us can benefit from inexpensive access to fashion in a sustainable way.

What kind of items can I upload to The Nu Wardrobe?

You can upload any fashion item eg. clothes, accessories, shoes. All items must be good quality, in good condition, and fit for purpose. There is a pending process before your items go live so any pieces that don’t match this criteria will not go onto the platform.

A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself ‘Is this something I would like to borrow?’ Only high quality images or high quality clothes will make it on to the platform.

Will the pieces that I lend out on the platform be returned to me?

Yes! The Nu Wardrobe currently facilitates sharing only. You borrow or lend a piece for a limited amount of time then it must be returned.

What happens if someone borrows my piece and it is damaged/not returned?

We have borrower and lender contracts built in to the user process. When lenders upload an item they state the current item value and how the piece must be cleaned (eg. handwash / dry clean). The borrower will accept our terms and conditions before they borrow the piece. Nu oversees this process to ensure that both parties are protected and that all members have a good experience using Nu.

We are working on building in a review system that will further build trust amongst the Nu community.

How do I arrange to collect a piece that I am borrowing?

Once your request to borrow a piece has been approved, a chat group between the borrower and the lender is created within the app. Here you can arrange the share, agreeing to meet and exchange in person or have the piece delivered by bike.

For the safety and security of all, please only use the app chat to communicate and make arrangements, as we cannot help with issues that occur outside of this chat :).

How to I arrange to return an item I have borrowed?

You can use the initial chat group on the Nu platform to speak to the lender and arrange the return of the piece either by meeting up or bike delivery service.

How long can I borrow an item for?

You can borrow an item for as long as you want once the lender has accepted your request. For example, you can borrow a ball dress for one night, and borrow a winter jacket for the winter season. The most important part is that clothes are being worn and not lying in wardrobes or ending up in landfill.

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