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Our Platform

We’re building a peer-to-peer clothes sharing platform to make it easy for you to share clothes with all the amazing women in your area. Why buy when you can borrow?

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Our Community

When it comes to climate solutions we know we’re stronger and louder together, so we decided it was time to start a movement! We self-organised and started sharing our much-loved-but-underused clothes with our Nu circle of friends. 

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Our Fashion

Our collective wardrobes already have more than enough clothes in them to suit every need and occasion. By opening our wardrobes and sharing our statement and great quality pieces with our fellow community members we can all experiment with our style while respecting the planet.

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Our Impact

Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world. By borrowing a piece instead of buying one you can offset 25% of the carbon and water resources that would have been used in the making of a new garment.

You can also track your environmental impact on Nu!

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