Hello to our wonderful founding members!

Missed the August launch event? Not to worry - the delights of Nu are still waiting for you!

You can confirm your 6-month membership & still be gifted a piece from the Nu curated collection by purchasing your membership below.

What to Expect

You will receive a ‘just-for-you’ invite to the Nu app where we can all share our much-loved-but-underused clothes!

We will keep you updated on all aspects of Nu. (Our events, our app development, our team)

Throughout this beta process, we will gather as much feedback as possible from you guys to improve the process and along the way, we'll be organising more social events to bring our community closer together and meet the women we are changing the world with!

*Please note* Once you have bought your membership it will take us a couple of hours to get your app invite link to you! But we will have this sorted with in 24hrs and will get the link to you as soon as possible. (Thank you in advance for your patience).

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