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Here at The Nu. Wardrobe we want to build the world's best clothes sharing community so that we can all save money and significantly reduce waste to eventually..... SAVE THE WORLD! 

But, we need your help! We need to know what you think about the platform and our community. What you like and dislike - do you understand what's going on and what Nu is? Is the platform confusing? Did you like a blog post we did? Has anything not worked for you on the platform? Do you want to get involved with Nu but don't know how? 

Please tell us all of your thoughts. Please be as specific and constructively critical as possible! This form is completely anonymous. 

We haven't saved the world yet, so we're not doing everything right! Please help <3 Fill in the message box below.

We'd like to hear anything and everything. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the lovely. This is totally anonomyus.