Fashion Revolution Week 2017

April 24th - 30th, 2017

Be part of the biggest global movement campaigning for a fairer, safer, cleaner fashion industry. Use your voice and your power to make this year stronger and louder than ever before! #whomademyclothes

A series of events will be hosted across Ireland on the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse, which killed 1,138 people and injured many more on 24th April 2013.

Check Out Our Schedule Of Events Below

Dublin, April 28th

Fashion Revolution Industry Mixer: Dinner. Ideas. Discussion. 

*The Friday night event is now sold out.*

Friday, April 28th, 6:30pm  The Fumbally Exchange , 5 Dame Lane, Dublin 2. 

Friday, April 28th, 6:30pm The Fumbally Exchange, 5 Dame Lane, Dublin 2. 

Join NU & Connect the Dots for an exclusive event to celebrate Fashion Revolution Week. 
Delicious artisan food & Kinnegar Brewing craft beer, co-created conversation with industry leaders, and a chance to brainstorm ideas around the ethical and sustainable fashion industry in Ireland. As well as a live performance by Caz9

We want to connect talented and creative geniuses to build a community, share ideas, make connections and support each other.

Who will be there?
We will shrink our world for just a minute to have an incredible and diverse mix of change-makers, creators, designers, activists, journalists, business owners, entrepreneurs, writers, bloggers, environmentalists, artists, and visionaries in the same room: an oasis of ideas, sparks and beginnings. Put a face to a name and be introduced to key players in the Irish fashion industry, members of the press, activists and many more.

Event Details: 
Friday, April 28th, 6:30pm.
Fumbally Exchange, 5 Dame Lane.
Ticket cost: €20 (Early Bird Ticket)

Join the Event: here

In true Connect the Dots form, you will be asked a few questions before purchasing your ticket. This will help us to co-create the event with you, and make it as relevant and productive as possible. This event will be sculpted by you, for you. It is the first of hopefully many discussions around the topic and so we are starting with a blank slate. The content and format of the evening itself will be explained to you the week of the event, once we have gathered up your thoughts.

Dublin, April 29th

Designer Show & Tell - Tana Bana Documentary Screening

'I Made Your Clothes'               Designer Show & Tell

Five sustainable Irish designers; We Are IslandersLiadain Aiken KnitwearFour Threads , Rediscover, and Proudly Made in Africa talk us through the process design and creation of a single garment from their collections.

Talks will be held at both 12:30 and 2:30.The screening will begin at 6pm in The Fumbally Exchange, 5 Dame Lane.

You can attend both Saturday events or just one!

Join the event here.

Tickets are €6.50 (Discounts apply for day, weekend, or student tickets) 

Tana Bana (2015)               Documentary Screening

Varanasi on the Ganges is famous for its Muslim silk weavers whose lives are closely interwoven with that of their Hindu neighbours. For over a thousand years the skills of their trade have passed from one generation to the next. Now, however, facing globalisation and computerisation (with one automated machine doing the work of many men), thousands of small businesses are closing down. Loosely structured as a day in the life of Varanasi, the film presents a rich tapestry of characters, from intractable Hindu traders to smart young schoolgirls (who challenge prevailing Western attitudes to Muslim tradition) and many weavers in between.

Watch the trailer here:

The screening will begin at 6pm in The Fumbally Exchange, 5 Dame Lane.

Join the event here.

Tickets are €6.50 (Discounts apply for day, weekend, or student tickets) 

Dublin, April 30th 

Swap Shop and Upcycling Workshop

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 21.48.22.png

Nu. Swap Shop

Want a constantly changing wardrobe that doesn't leave you out of pocket? A new outfit for every occasion but not to be left with a wardrobe full of clothes you never wear?

Want to solve this problem while being sustainable and saving money?

The Nu. Style Swap is the answer!
Bring along the clothes you rarely (or never) wear and swap them for beautiful pieces you will wear. Simple.

We at Nu. believe that in order to wear something that’s new (to you), you don’t always have to buy something brand new!

How does the swap shop work?
Bring along clothes in wearable, lovable condition that you wish to swap. You will get one token for each item. As this is a ticketed event, once you have your ticket there will be no check out charge for the items you take home - all swap will be free.

*We cannot accept underwear, pieces of textile, or clothes that are ready to be recycled.*

Join the event here

Tickets are €6.50 (Discounts apply for day, weekend, or student tickets) 

Upcycling Workshop

Knitwear designer and mend expert, Liadain Aiken will take you through Japanese Boro denim mending techniques, teach you how to darn and provide beautiful patches for your jeans, jumpers and shirts. Bring along you own pre-worn clothes in need of a bit of sprucing up or repairs!

This event will take place in the Fumbally Exchange, 5 Dame Lane at 12pm on April 30th.

Join the event here.

Tickets are €6.50 (Discounts apply for day, weekend, or student tickets)