General Questions

How does The Nu Wardrobe Work?

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Is this platform for everyone?

YES, everyone is welcome to join!

If Nu is not set up in your location yet, please drop us an email at [email protected]

Can I cancel an order? 

Yes, you can do this in the nu chat.

Can I borrow an item from someone in another location? 

Yes, as well as borrowing from members in your area you can also search by through any other location wardrobe. Simply select the location you would like to search in the search criteria on the homepage. You can request to borrow items from any user on the platform. If a delivery is required this can not currently be done through the Nu platform so users must arrange this themselves if necessary. We encourage meeting up to borrow pieces as we don’t want to add unnecessary carbon footprints. 


Lending and Borrowing

What happens if someone borrows my piece and it is damaged or not returned? 

We have borrower and lender contracts built in to the user process. When lenders upload an item they state the current item value and how the piece must be cleaned (eg. handwash / dry clean). The borrower will accept our terms and conditions before they borrow the piece. The terms and conditions state that the item must be taken care of, cleaned and returned in the specified manner and by the return date. In the unlikely event that anything should happen to a piece, the borrower is notified, and the amount stated on the contract is taken from their account and paid back to the lender. Nu will handle this process to ensure that both parties are protects and that all members have a good experience using Nu.

You can review our terms and conditions here. 

We are working on building in a review system that will further build trust among the Nu community. 

How do I arrange to collect a piece I am borrowing?

Once the request to borrow a piece has been confirmed you will receive an email that will link you to a chat with the lender.

How do I arrange to return an item I have borrowed? 

Please use the initial collection chat group on the Nu platform to arrange the return of the piece. 

Are items on the platform swapped permanently? Does this mean that I am giving away my pieces forever? 

No! The Nu Wardrobe currently facilitates sharing only. You borrow or lend a piece for a limited amount of time then it must be returned. At a later stage we hope to build in a swap marketplace but that's further down the line. 

What kind of items can I upload to The Nu Wardrobe? 

You can upload any fashion item eg. clothes, accessories, shoes. All items must be in good condition and fit for purpose. 

A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself ‘Is this something I would like to borrow?’ Only high quality images will make it on to the platform.

Do I make money if I lend my clothes?

No, in order to keep the platform as inexpensive as possible for everyone we charge a flat service fee that goes directly to Nu. By building up a fair, sharing community all users can benefit from inexpensive access to fashion in a sustainable way. If lenders were to make money off each lend this would drive up the price for all users. The more we share, the more we save.

How long can I borrow an item for?

You can borrow an item for as long as you want once the lender has accepted your request. 
If you are borrowing an item for longer than a couple of days we suggest letting the lender know why you need it for longer eg. I am going on a two-week holiday. This will give the lender peace of mind that you will take-care of their piece. 
For example, you can borrow a ball dress for one night, and borrow a winter jacket for the winter season. The most important part is that clothes are being worn and not lying in wardrobes or ending up in landfill. 

What if the item does not fit?

We encourage you to collect the item in a place where there is a bathroom that you can try on the piece before you leave the lender. This will make cancellations easier for both people. 
Unfortunately, the full amount cannot be refunded as we must account for transaction fees and there will be a nominal cancellation fee. As this is a beta trial we will be dealing with this on a case by case basis so if this happens please drop us an email at [email protected] and we will get back to you. 



What kind of images can I upload? 

Photos must be clear and beautiful. Check out our image guidelines here

My images won't upload? 

Check the file size of your image. Images over 7MB can some times cause the system to crash and we cannot take images over 10MB. You can resize multiple images at a time (they will not loose quality) here.  


Has your question not be answered?

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