How does The Nu Wardrobe work? 

1. Browse The Nu Wardrobe and check out all the latest looks that you can borrow from other Nu members in your college or area. You can search by campus, date, size, colour, and style. 

2. Sign up to The Nu Wardrobe and create your profile.

3. Upload your wardrobe following the Nu image guidelines and sample photos

4. Choose items that you like and request to book them out for a certain date. (There are no permanent swaps. Items are borrowed for a limited amount of time then returned).

5. If the lender accepts your request a collection is arranged. 

6. Payment: There is currently a flat service fee of €5 for each item that you borrow. We will be bringing out prepay vouchers soon. This will allow you to prepay €20s and get 10 borrows! €2 per borrow!! 

7. Enjoy your fab new outfit!

8. Return the item to the wonderful lender in perfect condition. 


Want to know more? Eg. What happens if a piece is damaged? What kind of photos should I put up? Check out our FAQs below.