Wyvern Lingo Upping the Band Merch Game with Sustainable Designs.


The launch of Wyvern Lingo’s newest single ‘I Love You Sadie’ is marked with a sold out gig in the Grand Social on August 25th. Not only are these talented women tearing up the Irish music scene, they’re also firmly cementing themselves as sustainable fashion advocates!

The Nu Wardrobe has teamed up with the talented trio to bring you sustainable, ethical, and beautiful brand merchandise. Purchasing band merchandise and supporting artists you love shouldn't have negative effects on people and the planet, and in this case, IT DOESN’T!

Karen, Caoimhe, and Saoirse have upped the band merchandise game by steering clear of the fast-fashion cycle and instead creating a unique experience for concert goers.

At the gig, fans can opt to buy ethical and sustainable t-shirts or they have the opportunity to bring along their own plain t-shirt and have it printed!

How unreal is that!? Can I get an AMEN!

When buying an ethically made t-shirt you are supporting fair labour practices, transparent supply chains and ethical production practices.

By bringing along your own t-shirt you will save 2,700 litres of water and 7lbs of c02 that would be used in the production of a new t-shirt.

Karen Cowley: vocals, keyboards, bass synth - Caoimhe Barry: vocals, drums - Saoirse Duane: vocals, guitar

Karen Cowley: vocals, keyboards, bass synth - Caoimhe Barry: vocals, drums - Saoirse Duane: vocals, guitar

The Nu Wardrobe team will be there on the night running the merch stand, printing tees and informing all you lovely fans of the positive impact you've made.

I think it's important to note that it is not particularly easy to source ethical and sustainable clothing. As an up and coming band, it would be far easier and cheaper to source standard t-shirts from a manufacturer with little or no transparency in their supply chain, but it is decisions like this, made by influential people that can shape changes in wider society.

In this case, the pre-made tees are made by Continental Clothing who value sustainable production and social responsibility above all else. The t-shirts are then printed locally by AB Print and Design in Bray, Co. Wicklow.

As a sustainable fashion community ourselves, it is so encouraging to see Wyvern Lingo empower their fans to make sustainable and ethical choices.

Now check out the video for their new single, 'I Love You Sadie' because it's deadly!

See you on Friday <3 We'll be there with bells on!

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