Help us find a #DressforDee!

A few days ago, we got a very exciting message from a lady with a task on her hands. Kate is looking for a dress for her friend Dee. Not just any dress. A BAFTA-worthy dress. Yep - no biggie.

You’ve probably heard of ‘McQueen’ (psst – it’s kind of a big deal). Released last year, the film is a poignant exploration of the eminent designer’s life – and it’s been nominated for two Baftas. Where do we come in? Producer Dee Ryder needs an outfit for the event, of course!

We’re on a mission to help Dee find a dress without buying something new. How? By calling on everyone we know to lend a hand.


“I asked my friend Kate to help me look for an outfit for the Baftas and she pointed out how wasteful it is to buy a dress for a one-off event - I hadn’t even considered borrowing as an option until she suggested I try,” said Dee. “I always borrow from friends but in this exceptional case no one has anything suitable so she suggested we do a shout out and see if anyone who believes in sustainable fashion could help .”

SO we’ve started shouting all over our socials. We’re encouraging anyone who could help to get in touch – the event is less than two weeks away, so time is of the essence…

“I really appreciate your help!” said Dee. “Being transgender and dressing for a big event adds extra challenges, I feel really supported by everyone.  Thank you!”

To everyone who has already got in touch and shared our posts, thank you! If you’re reading this and thinking ‘Well, I do know someone who knows someone…’ we want to hear from you. Dee is 5’9 and a size 14 – so if you have or know someone with a red carpet-worthy dress in your wardrobe, get in touch.


Asking Dee about the awards, she said “I’m excited beyond words. It’s my first time attending a major awards ceremony being a nominee. Whatever happens on the night I am super proud of what we have achieved and am looking forward to celebrating that success with my fellow misfits; Ian Bonhote and Peter Ettedgui.”

 We only wish we could be there too… Dee doesn’t often buy second-hand but she does try to swap clothes with friends when possible. “It is a great way to rejuvenate your wardrobe,” she said, “and giving clothes you are tired of to someone who will get more use of them.”  

“Price is another factor for me and knowing it doesn’t have to cost the earth has opened up my eyes.”

A massive thank you to our incredible community for your support and responsiveness in our mission to find a #DressForDee!

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