How does a Nu. swap shop work?

Here at Nu. we have been getting ever more hopeful about spreading the sharing economy. Our regular swap shops have been growing exponentially, with higher and higher quality garb coming through the door. We see hundreds of gorgeous garments find new owners each month, and we’d love to expand this number! The beauty of the swap is that it costs barely anything, you get to organise your wardrobe into only the things you like, and if you’re done wearing something, just swap it again! The circular pattern emerges.

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Should I bring this to the swap shop?

To bring or not to bring?

So, you’ve heard about the AMAZING swap shops that Nu. run every month in WigWam and you are wondering HOW do I get involved? “I love looking great, AND I love being sound!” you say? Well, so do we! And we like it to be easy, too. So, we have put together a super clear guide of what to bring to a swap shop and what to maybe find another use for.

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Why Share Not Shop?

Want a constantly changing wardrobe? Want to be sustainable?

What if I could offer you an easy way out? What if I told you, you could have your cake and eat it too? This is where NU comes in. It offers the same continually changing wardrobe that ‘Fast-fashion’ does, but without the environmental impacts; an easy way to be part of the change we need to see in the world.

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When fashion becomes a feminist issue

The environmental impact of garment production has radical gender and class-specific implications for the communities and ecological systems it affects. This article discusses how even if the assembly of a garment itself doesn’t involve unfair labour, if its production process negatively affects the environment it is women who will directly bear the cost.

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Swap Shops: How They Work and Why They're Class

Swapping extends the life cycle of clothes and most clothes never see the light of day more than a couple of times! Think about it this way, everyone wants to have a changing wardrobe without the high cost and the disposal of tonnes of clothes every year. By swapping clothes as a community we all achieve a changing wardrobe, have the flexibility to try out new styles, lower consumption, support sustainable practices, and save money.

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