Check out Nu.’s launch party at Exeter University

Yes, you heard right – a Nu. Community has popped up in Exeter. The team behind it celebrated the launch in style with an introduction to Nu. and a pop-up photoshoot.

There were canapes and wine aplenty in South Street Standard on Wednesday evening – and if that wasn’t enough (*ahem*), there was also lots of beautiful clothes to be photographed and added to the Nu. wardrobe.

nu 13.jpg
nu 9.jpg

Grace Nolan, a third year student in Sustainability with Geography, said: “Meeting up with other Nu. members to swap clothes is a great way to meet people who share a similar fashion sense and have similar mindframes.” Everyone at the launch was welcome to try on dresses – and two attendees even took home dresses to wear to an upcoming ball, a slow fashion success right from the get-go.

Exeter Uni’s ‘Be The Change’ society is focusing on slow fashion this year - so when the team heard about The Nu. Wardrobe, they couldn’t wait to get involved. Grace said: “Many of the clothes we treasure we do so because of the memories we attach to them – it’s great to get our clothes of the wardrobe so other people can continue to enjoy them.”

nu 4.jpg

Exeter has a lively student community and as a campus university, it’s ideal for people to swap and share clothes even for last minute occasions. The Uni also hosts end of season dinner balls, a fantastic opportunity for students to use the Nu. Wardrobe rather than buy new.

The team hope that once they’ve uploaded all the items, Exeter’s students will see it as a viable form of clothes “shopping”. They've also lined up a fantastic range of events including a photoshoot, clothes swap and documentary screening.

nu 14.jpg

Grace said: “The most amazing part about the Nu. Wardrobe is the Nu. community. It brings people together who have the same enthusiasm for slow fashion. The wardrobe is a positive solution to what can be a very upsetting fast-fashion industry – it makes “shopping” enjoyable again.”

We can’t wait to see what this team do next...