Nu. Year’s Resolution: Break your fast-fashion habit

It’s January and it’s raining. The tinsel and glitter is gone, and you’re left with credit card debt and a half-empty box of Quality Street. As grim as January can be, it provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on goals we want to smash in the next year. If you do one thing in 2019, we’d recommend becoming a more sustainable shopper. Why? Because the world is literally on fire. Oh, and also - it can be really easy!


Don’t worry - we hate those preachy ‘new year, new you’ blog posts too. So we’ve compiled this quick list of tangible, easy changes to help you break that nasty fast-fashion habit while still looking amazing.

1. Don’t buy clothes you don’t need

This is easier said than done. If something is on sale it seems like a crime to miss out on that bargain - but remember, it’s not a bargain if you don’t need it.

Follow the 30 wears rule; if you aren’t going to wear a piece 30 times, step away.

Think you have nothing to wear? Sort through your wardrobe and make a list of everything you have. I’ve always found it shocking to see how many great pieces I’ve forgotten about! They’re all just sitting in the closet waiting for some love - so go on and give them another whirl.

2. Slow & steady wins the race

If you’re buying new check the brands’ ethical credentials. We recommend using the ‘Good on You’ app as a starting point. The app has an ethical rating for loads of brands and is a handy tool at to have at your fingertips.

Invest in slow-fashion by supporting brands whose clothes are made to last. Choose timeless pieces that you will love and want to wear for years to come. Remember, it’s quality over quantity - a wardrobe with a few pieces that you’ll want to wear again and again is far more valuable than the latest passing trend.

Try to extend the life-span of clothes and keep them out of landfill. Go to charity shops, buy vintage and enjoy the wonders of a good rummage in a second-hand bargain bucket.

Do your research. Support innovative brands that are revolutionising clothes production. For instance, Mud Jeans boasts a circular production process and an innovative funding model. Girlfriend Collective make leggings from recycled plastic bottles and VEJA sneakers show that ethical fashion can compete with market prices.

3. Look after your closet

Show your wardrobe some love. Chances are that you’re wearing your clothes out by putting them in high-temperature washes and over-washing them.

Check out the ‘Wash at 30 campaign’ and top tip: put your jeans in the freezer!

Buy a needle and thread, darn those holes and get crafty. Sick of an old shirt? Crop it and give it a new life. Jeans wearing at the knees? Make your own cut-offs for the summer months - and you won’t have to wear them in.

4. Support #FashionRevolution

Supporting ethical fashion initiatives and spreading the word can make the fashion industry fairer for everyone. There are loads of campaigns you can support and get involved in.

5. Borrow don’t buy!

And obviously get yourself on the Nu. wardrobe. We aim to change the way you consume - you don’t need 50 dresses, you only need one dress and 50 Nu. friends.

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