What's Nu. this Autumn

It’s finally happening - the days are getting shorter and we’re swapping our summer dresses for winter warmers. But before the cold weather truly settles in, let’s have a look back over what Nu. has been up to in the last of the summer sun.

“We’ll always have Paris”

Paris Pitch.jpg

Nu.’s founder and CEO Aisling went to Paris for the weekend (oo lala!) to pitch at the ChangeNow summit at the end of September. Ash says, “It was such an inspiring event. It was amazing for Nu. to have the opportunity to connect with other change-makers and forward-looking companies”. She wowed the crowds with the sustainable impact of sharing in her pitch - and looked fab in an outfit entirely borrowed from the Nu. East London platform to boot!

Panel Discussion Paris.jpg
Paris (jacket borrowed from Masha) .jpg

And what did Ash pack for the event? All her favourite items from the Nu. wardrobe! For a slice of Parisian chic, grab this denim jacket from Masha’s wardrobe, pair it with Caroline’s black dress and top it off with Aisling’s black top - parfait!

What’s new to Nu.?

Want to be ahead of the curve and know the next big thing in sustainable fashion? Here are Aisling’s top picks of companies shaking up the scene at the summit:

  • Fashion for Good: Their Innovation Platform focuses on sparking and scaling technologies and business models that have the greatest potential to transform the industry

  • Pili Bio: These guys make vibrant sustainable dyes from micro-organisms

  • Bio Glitz: These sparkly entrepreneurs make eco-friendly glitter, so you can still be festival-fabulous without adding to micro-plastics in the ocean

  • Lablaco: Such an interesting model! You give away your old fashion at the end of it’s life and get vouchers to buy new pieces from curated collections. Sign up us!

    Welcome to the Wardrobe

Keep calm. It’s here. After months of waiting the sustainable sharing wardrobe was launched and is up and running in London. We’ve got the first 50 pieces up here - so get borrowing!

If you haven’t uploaded your pieces yet, never fear - the Nu. team is here to help. Sign up to the platform and create your profile to get started.

We’re also really excited to introduce you to a few members of our Nu community. Check out the sharer’s stories on the blog and read about how Ali, Carolinè, Ailish and Ellen got interested in sustainable fashion and involved with Nu.

The Nu. Crew

Community Events

Nu.’s social calendar has been non-stop for the past few weeks!  At the end of August we had an introductory event for new members and spent the evening chatting about our most treasured items over cocktails at Love Shck. After that, we soaked up some end-of-summer rays with a Stitch ‘n’ Bitch session in Victoria park.And Aisling had a fab time during a panel discussion at the Zero Waste London event in October.


Last but not least,  we’ve got to mention the photoshoots. Our newest members have teamed up to show off their clothes and chat about sustainable fashion, and we’ve  loved getting to meet our Nu lenders. And what’s not to love about expanding the Nu community while prancing around Shoreditch in our best frocks!


We’ll be running more photoshoots over the next month and lots more members events in the coming weeks. Don’t forget to come along to our sharing event on Saturday 3rd November too! We’d love to say Hi in person. Join the Facebook event for updates on times, locations & activities…

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