Pick ‘n’ Mix

I gotta admit.

I have too much stuff.

A few months ago, I found one of my “favourite” tops stuffed behind my bed. I salvaged it from the depths, attempting to soothe the creases and crumbles that were scattered around the black v- neck. I was delighted to find it of course, it was a little gem of a bargain I got in the Topshop sales a few Christmas’ ago. But just as I found it, I realised I had forgot to miss it. I had survived without it swimmingly this far, so much so that I forgot its existence. Maybe I didn’t need it?

It was good quality, not worn to bits so I didn’t want to throw it out. I felt it’d be such a shame to throw something out just because I was bored of it. Something that one of my friends would definitely love to take off me. So out of curiosity, I had a little rummage through my wardrobe and tried to remember the last time I wore each top, jumper, playsuit, pair of jeans, dress, hat, skirts – and everything in between. It had been months, even years, for some of the poor unfortunate apparel to have last seen the outside of my cramped wardrobe. A waste.

This led me to some great epiphanies.

One, I really love clothes. Two, I have so much clothes that I literally can’t wear them all in a year, let alone a month. Three, that’s way too much clothes. So after a series of complex calculations of what I needed and didn’t, I began stripping back my wardrobe. I had been to Nu’s swap shop before and felt that it suited me the best; allowing me releasing my clothes back into the wild, while still picking up some new threads to keep my clothes loving self-happy. While at the swap shop, I was more aware of everything I picked up, trying to picture if it was gonna be another crumpled top at the end of my bed. However, even with being picky, I still picked up some really cool stuff that I absolutely love. Few snaps of them below:

Now, whenever my wardrobe is looking a ‘lil chunky, I sort through it and keep a little bag beside it designated to shipping old forgottens to the next swap shop. If you can related to even a little of this (which if you are anything like me, the average youth, I’m sure you will), definitely try having a go at doing the same. Shift through your wardrobe and ask yourself when you last wore some items. You’ll be surprised how much stuff can be forgotten about. And then try swapping a few! Maybe only one or two to start if you are wary about detaching yourself from your clothes. But 100% give it a go. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, as they would say.