How does a Nu. swap shop work?

Here at Nu. we have been getting ever more hopeful about spreading the sharing economy. Our regular swap shops have been growing exponentially, with higher and higher quality garb coming through the door. We see hundreds of gorgeous garments find new owners each month, and we’d love to expand this number! The beauty of the swap is that it costs barely anything, you get to organise your wardrobe into only the things you like, and if you’re done wearing something, just swap it again! The circular pattern emerges.


So, because swap shops and sharing economy is still relatively underground in Dublin, we’ve put together a guide to explain how our swap shops work.


Step 1

Pack your bag! A re-usable one preferably! You can consult our guide of what to bring and what not to bring here.

Step 2

Collect your cute, but sadly unused clothes, and your friends, and hop over to our location, usually WigWam on Middle Abbey Street, check our facebook page or swap shop event for up-to-date details.

Step 3

Head over to a check in desk which should be right at the entrance of the swap shop, and hand over your goods to one of our volunteers who will assess and count your swappable items. Fancy, good quality clothes will earn you a BLING token which can be swapped for any item in the shop, basic good quality clothing will earn you a BASIC token which can only be swapped for other basic items (marked with a white sticker). Anything damaged, dirty, unswappable, will earn you zero tokens, We like to keep our standards high so that there are always treasures to be found.

Step 4

Browse our selection of mens and womens clothes on our beautiful fairy light illuminated rails. A volunteer will bring your tokens over to you.

Step 5

Swap your tokens for your choice of clothing and pay €2 for each item you take home with you. Pop your new treasures into your re-usable bag and prance off to live your life, now enriched by the sharing economy. If you have spare tokens, you can keep them for the next swap shop or give them to a friend in need.

Step 6

Enjoy your fab new clothes! Spread the message! Let your pals know about our swap shops! Like, share, attend. Love, peace, sustainability.

Step 7

Come back next time!




Good news! You can still support the sharing economy! You can purchase BASIC tokens for €5 and BLING tokens for €10, plus check out charge of €2 for each item as per usual. So that adds up to €7 for basic and €10 for bling. We like to encourage people to swap rather than buy, to keep our stock ever changing and your wardrobes tidy.

Can't wait to meet you at our next swap shop! We'll be the ones running around with hangers and tokens, hopped up on WigWam's delicious coffee. We hope you get in on the fun too.