Should I bring this to the swap shop?

To bring or not to bring?

So, you’ve heard about the AMAZING swap shops that Nu. run every month in WigWam and you are wondering HOW do I get involved? “I love looking great, AND I love being sound!” you say? Well, so do we! And we like it to be easy, too. So, we have put together a super clear guide of what to bring to a swap shop and what to maybe find another use for.


Things we absolutely love to see at the swap shop

That thing you spent loads of money on and it’s gorgeous and super high quality, but you’ve actually only worn it once or twice? I’ve done that….. We’ve all done that. So give it another chance at stylish living (on someone else) and don’t let it die in your wardrobe.


Shoes that are still in good nick, but you just have too many! We’d love a bigger range of sizes!

‘Quirky’ things that you thought were real silly and fun, but now you’ve worn it once and you can’t wear it again, because people have seen you in it already. Well, guess what! There are loons out there, mostly us, who love wearing weird stuff, and we welcome the weirdos! Besides, there are some mad folk who would wear these weird things even up to 30 times! #30WearsChallenge

Things that don’t fit you anymore. DO NOT promise yourself that you’ll wear it again ‘someday’. NO. Only own things that you actually use. It will change your life.

Accessories! We love to see some nice bags and lovely jewellery coming through our sharing portal. These are things that anyone of any size can use, so a really nice catalyst for the sharing economy!


Bits you should probably try and find another use for

Worn out t-shirts, worn out trousers, worn out anything - if it can be repaired, you should give it a go, or take it to an alterations place. They’re mad sound for fixing ripped jeans crotches and extending your denim crotch life exponentially! If your garment is absolutely beyond repair, you can make tote bags for your shopping, use the fabric for patchwork, start up an Awaji Island style ever-changing coat, or if all else fails, use them to clean your house instead of spending money on throw-away cloths and paper towels! These worn out garments are not successful at swap shops and we end up having to deal with them, so please find a way to recycle these! Please do not put them in the bin!


Bags and bags of recycle ready clothing. The best way to use our swap shops, and the way you get the most out of it, is to gradually bring in the clothes that stay in the drawer or pushed to the back of your wardrobe, even when you’re verrrry close to laundry day. This way, you get to see the changing content of our swapping collection. Bringing a huge amount in on one day will overload our resources, and will frustrate you if you can’t find enough things you like to take back with you. If you make it a regular trip, then there are no risks to taking something you’re unsure of. If you haven’t worn it in that month, just bring it back! Easy!


Absolute no no no no no’s

Underwear NOPE

Tights - that’s a paddlin

Bits of fabric, sorryyyyy no, we can’t do anything with these.

Anything dirty, like? Just give em a wash before you come in to us!



Now you know, what helps and what does not. So, bring yer bad self with yer good clothes and come hang out at our next swap shop! Our facebook page will always have our upcoming events on it. The next one is on the 1st of April, no jokes! A sweet lil reminder, that with every garment you find that you love enough to take with you, there is a nominal charge of €2 on Bling or Basic items to keep our costs covered. If you have nothing to swap, you can buy them at €5 Basic and €10 Bling. 

See you at our next swap shop!