Nu November Throwback

Every month we share a vast number of articles, posts, and videos of interest on our Facebook page. Maybe you saw one that you wanted to read but forgot to save it for later? Or perhaps you just want to keep up with all the sustainable fashion news and what we’re up to? Every month we’re going to compile a list of the posts we have shared so that you can easily access them and stay in the know!

Take a look back on November 2017.


So get out your glasses, a cup of tea and get ready to watch and read!

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This month (you may just have noticed) we’ve had Black Friday on our mind:

  • Black Friday may be over, but asking yourself these three questions could still help you avoid the post-Christmas, and any sale hype!

  • Black Friday is not what it seems. Check out this video to learn the history behind the day. 

Graphic by Finn Melvin-Card:

Graphic by Finn Melvin-Card:

We’ve been re-invigorating our blog this month- take a look at our first few posts:


The (Hi)story of Fast Fashion:

  • Fast Fashion began out of clothing rations during WWII. Learn the surprising history here

  • Watch this short video to understand the life cycle and  impact of your clothing

  • Do you know where your clothes come from? Check out this article to get the full story. 

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Nu News!

  • Nu is spreading around the world! Take a look at what our Brand Ambassadors in Bristol have been up to with this amazing spread in Epigram, Bristol University's Newspaper

  • #Girl Boss alert! Our founder Aisling Byrne took on the Stiall  challenge, wearing only 30 items for a month, and she looked fab! Check out the article here

Ireland Specific:

  • If you haven’t already, please sign this petition to get rid of single use plastics at Trinity College Dublin. The campaign is being run by our wonderful Nu brand ambassador Kez Wright. 


Photographed by Colin Dodgson,  Vogue , March 2017

Photographed by Colin Dodgson, Vogue, March 2017

We’re excited because:

  • Dame Vivienne Westwood has partnered up with the British Fashion Council for their Positive Fashion Initiative. Check it out here

  • We’re super excited about Reformation’s little sister: Reformation Jeans!

  • The World Fair Trade Organization Asia has just made it easier to connect with Fair Trade producers! Take a look! 

  • There is yet another reason to love Patagonia. Check out their short film about fair trade fashion. 

  • This designer transforms flowers used in the commercial industry to naturally dye clothes. 

  • Bangladesh, is going to digitally map its entire garment industry in an effort to bring transparency to the supply chain and stop abuses. Read all about it here.  

  • Patagonia has just released its Clean Colour Collection which uses fruit for dye!

  • Vivienne Westwood says we should “invest in the world”.

  • The Fashion industry could actually be an answer to our waste problem? Find out more. 

  • The Burberry Foundation is attempting to tackle leather waste by transforming leather offcuts into new products and half of the proceeds will be donated to causes focused on renewable energy! 


Some things to consider:

  • Proof that sustainability pays off. Take a look. 

  • Psychology and behavioural science say we are “far more selfish than we might like to believe” and thus suggest conscious consumerism is no more than a pipe dream. Have a read of this fascinating Guardian article on the topic.  

  • Cow Dung and fashion, utterly incompatible? Not at all! Have a read of this

  • The dark secret behind “sustainable” alternatives, rayon and viscose

  • The International Labour Organisation released new global estimates of people in modern slavery, according to which 40.3 million people are working in forms of slavery and 71% of these people are women. Learn more here

  • How to get through the week in one outfit. Read on for some top tips

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Until next month! x 

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