A Capsule Wardrobe

Chaos, over consumption, gluttony and mindless purchasing.

Yep, Black Friday is upon us and as it fast approaches we here at Nu want to offer something different to those who are less interested in senseless bulk buying and more inspired by a decluttering,  minimalistic alternative - which will not only declutter your closet but also  your life.

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At Nu we believe in the love, life and longevity of our clothes. Our approach, which is to share and borrow what we’ve got,not only saves our pockets but has the potential to make a real difference to our world. If you are interested in anything but Black Friday and all it’s madness, join us in our quest for less as we are explore a different alternative to help you make more of what you’ve got.

Bask in the smugness of a ready-to-go, flawless, non fail wardrobe of goodies

Our co-founder and girl boss Aisling Byrne recently undertook the #stiallchallenge- choosing just 30 items to wear in 1 month. This challenge is a conscientious initiative inspiring its participants to get creative with 30 of their prized pieces of clothing. It encourages careful fashionable innovation while creating awareness around sustainable, ethical fashion choices. Really, it is time to be mindful when it comes to splurging on pointless purchases and ask ourselves, “When is enough enough?

With this in mind- we present the “Capsule Wardrobe”, a phenomenon that is capturing the heart and heads of sustainable fashionistas worldwide.  Coined in the 70’s by London boutique owner, Susie Faux the concept of a capsule wardrobe is about dressing with a small collection of seasonally appropriate, mix-and-match clothes.  Put simply it is a seasonal mini- wardrobe of beloved, versatile pieces that will see you through everyday and any occasion. It is a lifestyle choice to live with less but to make more of what you’ve got.


Every season is represented in capsule form, for example, Winter. Your capsule wardrobe contains 36 pieces. You could have the choice of 4 pairs of shoes, 5 pairs of trousers, 5 warm tops, 4 dressy blouses, 3 skirts, 3 dresses, 6 jumpers, a blazer, a leather jacket, a winter coat, a pair of comfy bottoms, two hoodies. And that is it! If you find yourself stuck for something trendy or perhaps a little once off piece to see you through an event, pop onto to Nu for a browse and borrow something BEAUTIFUL- minimal cost and shopping stress, maximum fashion resulting in little to no dust collecting in the wardrobe. Does this not some like a little slice of minimalistic heaven?! We think so. Say goodbye to the annual trip around town, spending money that you don’t have on clothes that won’t last and bask in the smugness of a ready to go, flawless, non fail wardrobe of goodies.

Regardless, your wardrobe has been mindfully selected for its quality, versatility and because each item is special to you

If you are a shopper, a fashion lover a trend setter and a style icon among your friends, establishing a capsule wardrobe doesn’t mean abandoning your passion for fashion, in fact, quite the opposite. Think about it, every item in your wardrobe is versatile, loved and ready to be worn on any occasion. By having to be ruthless with your 36 pieces, you will find that among your chosen stock- will be a collection of items which will in turn help you to define your style. You may discover you’re a skirt and turtleneck girl or perhaps you’re more of a chunky knit and jeans kind of lady.  Regardless, your wardrobe has been mindfully selected for its quality, versatility and because each item is special to you. Surely, this is more appealing than the annual frenzied high street splurge?!  We’re thinking long term people!!


Beth Solano

Beth Solano

When the season changes, and spring rolls around, you simply pack away your winter capsule wardrobe and switch over to your spring capsule wardrobe. Some things might change (heavy jumpers bye!) and some might stay the same (everyday black jeans- stay please!) Maybe you might find that your Spring Capsule Wardrobe needs a little top up after the year before- fear not, you are allowed to add to your capsule wardrobe but when doing so, you will be blissfully surprised by how much thought, effort and appreciation goes into buying just one item. Not to mention you can jazz any outfit up with a popping pair of earrings or special little bag. This concept is not about nullifying fashion it's about laying the foundations of a ‘never fail’ wardrobe.

This Black Friday, we at Nu urge you to stop and think. Fast fashion is fashion that hurts our environment. Maybe, you- like us, are tired of going into the shops and being bombarded by the sheer volume of clothes on offer. Maybe you want to make more of what you’ve got and maybe, this Black Friday you will establish your own capsule wardrobe instead of needlessly buying more.

Go on, try it. You’ll never turn back!

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If you are interested in The Capsule Wardrobe check out Unfancy blog on which Caroline Joy Rector documents her journey of creating a Capsule Wardrobe, or alternatively check out The Anna Edit blog or youtube page for capsule-convincing and mindful fashion advice. If you do decide to take on this venture instead of participating in the Black Friday madness we would LOVE to hear from you!

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