5 ways to shop sustainably in Dublin

So you’ve seen the True Cost, you’re a bit freaked that all your favourite brands have shoddy labour rights records and are even more terrified of how your simple white t-shirt has already done untold damage to the planet.

Depressing, right?

So you want to make a change, but still want to look good! Well we at Nu. have had this problem for quite some time, so here is a quick list of our suggestions! It is by no means exhaustive but is a good place to start!

5. Share. Swap. Steal.

The Nu. mantra is that “you don’t need 50 dresses, you just need 50 friends”. What is the point in spending 50 euro on an outfit you wear once? Sure don’t you and all you friends dress the same anyway?

Raiding a friend’s wardrobe might seem a little scabby, but it is actually one of the most sustainable things you can do! Rather than consuming more and more we are reusing what we already have! You can pay them back by sharing some of your clothes with them (double the sustainability!)

Of course we’ve all shared clothes every once in a while, but it doesn’t just have to be for a night or for a specific occasion! We all go through phases of wearing some outfits to death, and then won’t touch them for months at a time. So rather than just borrowing a dress for a night,  what about swapping jeans for a season? Jumpers for a month? Jackets for a winter?

This is a way of giving you a whole new look, with 0 cost. Give the planet and your wallet a break!


4. Let’s Get Ethical!


Dublin is not exactly Milan for ethical clothing, but there are some genuinely brilliant ethical brands out there.

One of our favourite Irish brands We Are Islanders, which can be found in the Loft Powerscourt Townhouse. http://theloftmarket.com/we-are-islanders/

Their commitment to sustainability is amazing;  

From organic and fair trade cotton and reclaimed factory remnants to non-violent silks, Irish wools and organic salmon leather the materials used in all collections have been chosen for their luxurious qualities combined with their minimal negative social, environmental and humanitarian impact. All prints are hand-drawn illustrations and are screen printed by hand in Dublin using non-toxic dyes.

You can find lots of amazing ethical brands if you look hard enough, we’ll be doing a comprehensive post of the best soon, but in the meantime we recommend ;

Most glam: https://www.thereformation.com/

Most reasonably priced: http://www.peopletree.co.uk/


3. Ooooh là là, it’s Vintage!

Dublin’s vintage scene is absolutely thriving, so go out and have a root through one of the many vintage stores. As shopping experiences go, nothing is more enjoyable than sifting through the abundance of sequins and lace in The Harlequin.  For more modern pieces Nine Crows and Tola Vintage are both excellent. Both of which stock some absolutely brilliant up-cycled items - which we at Nu. cannot get enough of.

Shopping vintage is not only sustainable, it is SO HOT RIGHT NOW and  will make anyone look so #Edgy.

The Harlequin: https://www.facebook.com/The-Harlequin-502069575532/

Tola Vintage: http://tolavintage.com/

Nine Crows: http://shopninecrows.com/


2. Siopaella

Siopaella deserves its own category because we think it is just such a wonderful idea. Siopaella is Ireland’s largest designer exchange store featuring new and preloved designer handbags, accessories and clothing. They have two shops in temple bar - one with the best of high fashion designers and one stocking more highstreet brands.

Not only can you get beautiful designer items for reasonable prices, you can get some moolah back by selling your old items.


1.Nu. swap-shops.

We may be slightly biased, but we think that our swap-shops are the best return on style for the cheapest price (ie Free)! Bring an item, get an item - its that simple! We have really high quality bling garments, up-cycling workshops and are now set up monthly in Wigwam, which is only the loveliest cafe/ restaurant/ club in Dublin.


We at Nu. believe that shopping should be about having a wonderful experience - not forcing you to buy something you don't need. So pop along to our next event on Saturday 19th of March in Wigwam, bop and shop, learn how to repair your own clothes and chill with a Wigwam cocktail- safe in the knowledge that you're not supporting the horrors of fast-fashion!

Sure, who says you can't look good and have fun whilst saving the world?