Nu.'s Ethical Shopping List

Before you invest in a new item - try to go through these simple questions in your head.

Nu.’s ethical checklist:

Will I wear this item 30 times? 

Do I not have any other item like this?

Can I borrow this, or similar, from a friend?

Do I know where this was made?

Was the garment worker paid a living wage?

Is this material sustainable?

Is this well made and long lasting?

Can this be repaired?

Do I really love this?

Shopping tips:

  1. Share and swap clothes with friends

  2. Go vintage or shop in thrift stores

  3. Go for ethical brands.

  4. Do an inventory of your wardrobe - Are there duplicates?

  5. Repair your clothes

  6. Take care of your clothes - don’t over-wash!



Photo Cred: Kelly Levacher Photography & Design

Photo Cred: Kelly Levacher Photography & Design

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