About Nu


We’re Nu and we want to redefine the way you think about fashion.

We believe that each time you want to wear something different is shouldn’t mean that you need to buy something brand new. There are so many ways that you can find a beautiful piece that’s ‘new to you’.

By borrowing, swapping, thrifting, renting or vintage shopping you still experience the same wonderful rush of wearing a brand new outfit.

Nu is a female-led startup based in Dublin and we are dedicated to providing alternatives to fast-fashion that are affordable and accessible no matter what your budget. The fast-fashion industry moves so quickly and so we have begun to dispose of clothes after just a few wears when each piece has a whole life to enjoy! We're bringing people together so that we can enjoy fashion, and by sharing and swapping we extend the life-cycle of our clothes and significantly reduce waste.


Nu began in 2015 with just two passionate students and has quickly grown to a brilliant and talented team of 8 graduates and students, and a community of much more spanning the globe from Ireland to Jamaica to Australia! Everyone who signs up, follows, reads, or attends a Nu event, joins a community of like-minded people who believe in a sustainable fashion industry and who want to be part of that change.


Photos by Rachel Loughrey

Photos by Rachel Loughrey

Let’s get educated! We believe in an engaging, informative and solution based approach to learning about the challenges facing the sustainable fashion industry. Sometimes it can feel so scary to think of all the problems at once and it can be disheartening when you feel that you cannot change such a large industry on your own. That’s why we created Nu. Together we can learn about different issues as well as the different ways to tackle each one. With small and simple changes we can each make a significant positive impact and as a community, our impact will be so much more!


We run fashion events such as swap shops, panel discussions, documentary screenings, and upcycling workshops and we are always encouraging and supporting our community members to run their own events too. (If you would like to get involved, please do get in touch).


This September we will be launching The Nu Wardrobe online clothes-sharing platform in universities across Ireland. Members will be able to borrow and share their wardrobe through the Nu network meaning you will save money and reduce waste!


Kaitlin Pettersen of Ethical Chain recently interviewed the girls from Nu as part of her podcast series on sustainability in Ireland and how we can make a difference.

Listen below to get to know us, what we are all about and the difference you can make!